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Brief introduction of URWERK UR-100 space-time swiss replica watches When the topic of complications arises, someone will mention that wandering time is a good example, indeed. Then, when they think of a swiss replica watches with this complicated function, they usually pause or deliberately use the highly intelligent word "uh". Believe it or not, if they have a little understanding of the different brands involved, then a brand will quietly enter their vision: Urwerk. This innovative brand specializes in watches that use wandering time instead of traditional hands. Then connect the turntable to its own rotating mount and align its marks on the edge of the dial to indicate hours and minutes. But now, Urwerk takes it to a new height with UR100 SpaceTime, and the watch also displays two additional sets of information.

You may have noticed that a red hand was just hovering from the news picture showing the poke below. This is not just an arrow to improve readability; it also has a second purpose. This watch can not only track the rotation of the earth in 20 minutes, but also track the distance of the earth around the sun. These instructions are displayed around the dial. Once a hand completes the chronograph part of the journey, it will tell you the distance the earth rotates around its axis, and then gracefully reach the other side, which usually shows 3 o'clock, the distance you are covered by the earth within 20 minutes.

Although some people may think that this information is basically irrelevant, especially compared to the chronograph or calendar. Urwerk replica watches.However, it should be noted that the wandering time configuration completely changes the layout of the dial and movement, which means that there is always no way to integrate standard complications and keep the case size reasonable. Both versions of iron and black are made of stainless steel and titanium on the case, the latter with a black DLC coating. The case is 41 mm wide, 49.7 mm long, and 14 mm thick.

The movement of this watch is also very clever. The rotor is a complete rotor, which means that it covers the entire back of the watch and has been drilled to see the bottom plate. The turbine is equipped with a turbine on the edge, which Urwerk calls a "planetary turbine automatic system". By supporting the rotor from the edge, the wear of the rotor bearings over time can be reduced. The rotor is also protected by a so-called "sail", which sounds like a monster in a European horror movie. Windfäng translates to “air trap”, which protects the rotor from impact, although Urwerk does n’t say much about it. It has a beat frequency of 4Hz and a power reserve of 48 hours, which is very good.

How does URWERK EMC TIME HUNTER X-ray fit the ultra-high-end watch scene

When asked about this watch, I want to say that the perpetual calendar is my least favorite complication, simply because it is the least interactive and least interesting part of the operation. You won't need to do anything (set it to pain), and about five times a year, at midnight, for a brief moment, they are very interesting. I like to believe that interactivity is one of the most important verification factors for buying large watches. I mean, to be sure, most luxury watch buyers will first want to experience big brands and big watches, and then they are helplessly tired of their adjustments to the reverse design, overproduction and limited to subtle chamfered edges On the single product. Bridge and spokes.HUBLOT Masterpiece MP-04 Antikythera 904.NX.4101.RX replica

There are a lot of people there, they are very wealthy, and they are so lucky that they can deepen the boredom of their clocks and watches, so that they are attracted by the welcome arms of hardworking brands led by highly talented designers and watchmakers. I sincerely believe that if Patek Philippe and its associates made watches with satellite displays or EMC, Urwerk and a few other prominent people would not be able to enjoy the current reputation. However, large companies in the watch industry (and any other industry) have replaced most of their agility and creativity with a one-way ticket in an internal political dilemma, and an arthritis grandfather willing to take risks.

Interestingly, during discussions with hard-core (and soft-core) watch enthusiasts, I learned that everyone thinks that large companies cannot develop watches like EMC. When I asked why, I learned the assumption that large watch brands with the greatest financial capacity and gravity "naturally cannot" attract and give the necessary creativity and watch capabilities to develop similar things. Why does a small brand produce 120-150 watches a year? To be sure, why write a separate article, and in short, I must emphasize that I am a bit disappointed by the well-deserved success of Urwerk and its independents. However, the fact is that it is at the expense of the creativity of most major brands decades behind, which is worth entertaining.

Urwerk EMC Time Hunter X-Ray is a superb work of ultra-modern watchmaking. It belongs to those talented creative products that originated from extremely talented watchmakers who have overcome huge technical challenges and overcome all limitations in order to express their dedication to craftsmanship boldly. Anyone, and I mean, anyone who absolutely credits EMC with his or her name can enter the Watchmaking Hall of Fame for free.www.chronowrist.ru

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